Notice: For RICOH GR III owners

Thank you for your patronage of RICOH IMAGING products.

We have recently discovered that limited amount of RICOH GR III’s 4-way controller key may have a slight tilt.

The specification of the controller allows for some rotation allowance, however we found that there are some units that have a more pronounced tilt, identified within the range of serial numbers listed below.

We can confirm that this tilt has absolutely no influence on the camera functions or image quality. We will begin the inspection and adjustment free of charge from April 29th, for the units with pronounced tilt.

We sincerely apologize for any trouble and any inconvenience caused. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding this issue.



Issue: Some products have a certain tilt on the 4-way controller key.

Product serial numbers that may be affected:

0010046          ~        0022290

2010043          ~        2012044

3010045          ~        3010544

4010041          ~        4010230

Repair start: April 29th

Lead time: Approx. 1 week after receiving the product

Contact Local Service Centre:

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