Announcing the new HD PENTAX-D FA* 50mmF1.4 SDM AW

A large-aperture single-focus high-performance Star-series lens for PENTAX K-mount digital SLR cameras

RICOH COMPANY, LTD. and RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. are pleased to announce the launch of the HD PENTAX-D FA50mmF1.4 SDM AW. This large-aperture, single-focus standard lens is the newest model in the acclaimed PENTAX Star () series — the line-up boasting the best imaging performance of all PENTAX lenses for use with K-mount digital SLR cameras.


PENTAX conducted an extensive review of its in-house standards for the premier Star series for the new lens, demanding the maximum reduction of various aberrations in order to deliver the highest image quality. PENTAX also designed the lens to provide excellent imaging performance with all compatible camera bodies — including next-generation digital SLR cameras which will feature improved image quality and performance. The new lens delivers the superb imaging power demanded of a new-generation, high-performance Star-series lens, delivering exceptional resolving power from the centre to the edges of the image field, even when set to open aperture. Thanks to PENTAX-original lens coating technologies, including the latest Aero Bright Coating II for exceptionally low reflection, and the high-grade HD Coating, it produces extra-sharp, high-contrast images free of flare and ghost images. Its dustproof, weather-resistant body also makes it extremely dependable and durable for shooting in demanding outdoor conditions.

Availability: July 2018

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