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Uncompromising water, shock, dust, and freeze protection.

  • Tough construction for shooting in demanding outdoor conditions
  • Reliable waterproof construction to assure worry-free shooting at a depth of 14m
  • Exceptional shockproof capability; it can withstand a fall from a height of 1.6m
  • Crushproof to a pressure up to 100kg
  • Coldproof down to –10°C
  • 5X wide-angle optical zoom equivalent to 28-140mm in 35mm
    to accommodate a wide range of subjects and scenes from
    landscapes to fast-action sports events
  • 16 MP Back-illuminated CMOS sensor and New Imaging Engine,
    which assure detailed pictures, excellent high-sensitivity with lownoise
    characteristics and high-speed readout of image data signals.
  • Flash Air Compatibel
  • Full range of mount accessories

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The all-weather adventure camera.A rugged chassis you can rely on in the harshest conditions.
Exceptional 14 meter waterproof (up to 2 hours) and 1.6 meter shockproof.

With features that include uncompromising waterproofing—good for two hours of continuous use at a depth of 14 meters—freeze proofing * that ensures operation at temperatures of −10 °C, shock proofing capable of withstanding drops of 1.6 meters, and crush proofing capable of withstanding forces of 100 kgf, this rugged camera can be used in all conditions.


  • Waterproof 14m
  • Shockproof 1.6m
  • Freezeproof -10°C
  • Crushproof 100kg


High resolution—
with all the must-have features5× Optical Zoom,
Starting at 28 mm *
Sharp, High-Resolution Pictures

With a high-performance image processing engine and a back-illuminated CMOS sensor boasting high optical efficiency and an effective 16 megapixel, the WG-60 takes low-noise photos with a wide dynamic range that look beautiful even as prints.

* equivalent to 35mm format.




Landscape mode

Shoot Movies in Full HD HDMI

While the camera can of course record Full HD (16:9) video at 30 fps, it also offers a High Speed Movie mode for recording slow-motion video and an Underwater Movie mode suited to underwater movie recording. Movie and Underwater Movie modes offer Movie SR (shake reduction), which can be used to reduce the effects of camera shake. Movie editing features within the camera let you split video or create movie stills from selected frames. The camera’s HDMI connector (Type D) lets you display movies on TVs and other devices.


Outdoor View Setting

The brightness of the LCD monitor can readily be adapted to changes in ambient lighting conditions for ease of viewing and an improved shooting experience. Brightness can be increased by up to two steps to make dark areas of the display easier to see in sunlight, or lowered by up to two steps to reduce glare for night photography.

The monitor in sunny conditions (artist’s conception)

Existing monitors Outdoor view +2

Slide bar to compare (monitor display is artist’s conception)

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Type - Camera Type

Digital compact camera resistant to water, dust, sand, crash, cold and pressure for movie and photo

Sensor - Type

1/2.3" backside illuminated CMOS

Sensor - Effective Pixels

approx. 16 MP

Hus - Height

61.5 mm

Hus - Width


Hus - Depth

29.6 mm

Hus - Weight

173 g (without battery and memory card)

193 g (loaded and ready)

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