External Flash TTL GF-1 - Oversikt

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Performing with light and shadow

    • Pre-flash

    • Wide-panel

    • Catch-light panel

    • Can cover the wide angle with 18 mm equivalent


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The GF-1 is the external flash that supports TTL flash control using pre-flash.

It utilizes an original TTL flash technique to provide precise flash exposure with auxiliary flash. Also capable of bounce flash to softly and naturally illuminate the subject with indirect light, the GF-1 enables the photographer to enjoy a wide range of creative shooting options only possible with an external flash. There are built-in wide-angle diffuser and catch-light panels. When the wide-angle diffuser panel is used, a coverage angle equivalent to 18 mm is possible.

Guild No.

20 (at 24 mm) ~ 30 (at 105 mm) with ISO 100,

16 (at 24 mm) using the built-in wide panel.

Illumination Coverage

24 ~ 105 mm (18 mm with the wide panel)

Only Type R cameras: Automatically linked to the focal length of the lens as per the auto power zoom

Power Source

4 x AA batteries (not included in a package) * Lithium batteries and NiMH batteries can be used.

Battery Life

Approx. 200 flashes with alkaline batteries (based on Ricoh's own measurements)